The following are AMP’s priority projects for the instrumentalist:

1. To provide group medical and life insurance coverages according to the paying capability of the individual musician;

2. To coordinate with government agencies directly affecting the musician’s livelihood, e.g., POEA, DOLE, CCP, etc.;

3. To make agreements with signatory companies (music employers like hotels, record companies, overseas employers, luxury liners, etc);

4. To standardize pay and wages for the various categories of instrumentalists, e.g., classical rates, recording rates, concert rates, TV rates, etc.;

5. To source funds for its in-house operations;

6. To source low priced musical instruments and accessories;

7. To implement career enhancement opportunities e.g., seminar /workshops, music books, VTR music educational materials, etc.

8. To provide legal counsel, contract preparations and consulting in areas concerning musical careers.

9. To provide death benefits for its members & families.

10. To provide a continuing educational and training program for professional musicians.

11. To promote and protect Intellectual Property Rights and Performer Rights.