AMP: About us


An Association created in 1997 by and for Filipino musicians and is the recognized organization of the Professional Musicians of the Philippines.

The ASOSASYON NG MUSIKONG PILIPINO or AMP, an organization formed with the intentions of professionalizing the Filipino musician and providing benefits that will help the individual cope with the daily rigors of being a musician.

The Association was formed under the encouragement of our former First Lady Mrs. Amelita M. Ramos (AMP Chairperson, 1997-2014), and was formally launched last December of 1997 via a concert at the Ultra to raise funds to be used as seed money for the association.

Now on it’s 20th year, we aim to strengthen the organization by inviting our fellow musicians to join us in pursuing our mission and vision for the Filipino musician.

To date, with the association’s partnership with the Bureau of Immigration, it has extended assistance to members and non-members alike thru its equity collections from foreign musicians employed by producers and companies.

We have standardized the rates of session musicians. We offer an affordable life insurance package wherein the member/applicant is automatically enrolled with PhilAm Life, one of the country’s biggest insurance providers with their annual fee of Five Hundred pesos (Php500).

Members also enjoy discounts from our Member Friendly Establishments or MFE, ranging from musical instruments and equipment, dental and optometry services to car care and personal grooming needs.

Legal assistance is also available to its members as well as consultancy on taxation, contracts, marketing and other matters.

The association is open to all musicians, regardless of classification, e.g., session, classical, solo artists, band, etc.